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Do you know how tyres are classified?
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When it comes to the types of tyres, there are actually many ways to divide them:

There are classifications by vehicle type, by use, by size, by pattern, by structure.

Classification by vehicle type

It can be divided into eight kinds. That is to say:

PC - car tire;

LT - light truck tire;

TB - truck and bus tyres;

AG - agricultural wheel tyres;

OTR - Engineering wheel tyre;

ID - Industrial wheel tyres;

AC - aircraft tyres;

MC - Motorcycle Tire.

Classification by tyre use

It includes truck tire, bus tire and mine tire. In addition to the specifications and sizes on the tire wall, the layers of the truck tire must also be marked. But what we need to tell you here is that the series of truck tires does not refer to its actual layers, but refers to tires made of high-strength material cord, whose load performance is equivalent to the number of layers of tire cord made of cotton cord. This is because the cotton cord was first used to make carcass cord, so the international practice is to use the cotton cord layer as the benchmark of tire layers. The load capacity of tyres is different in different levels. Even if the same specifications of tires, because of its different levels, its load capacity is different, so different levels of tires, can not be used on the same axle, otherwise, in the case of high-speed driving and load will be dangerous.

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